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Jimmy Lee Butts

Jimmy taught English, Public Speaking, Journalism, Yearbook and Photography for twelve years at White Hall High School in White Hall, Arkansas.  He served as president of his local professional association (WHEA) on three different occasions and worked as faculty liaison to the administration and board for six years.  At the same time he managed swimming pools for local country clubs in the area and taught senior life saving.  During a fit of temporary insanity, he left the teaching profession in 1981 and moved to Los Angeles, California, where he and his wife took positions with IBM.  He supervised IBM's  major studio account set for the next six years and worked closely with MGM, 20th Century Fox, Orion, William Morris Agency and other well known entertainment giants. He returned to his home state in 1987 taking a position with the City of Little Rock. In 1992 IBM's instability required moves from Little Rock to Kansas City and a year later to Dallas.  When desperate for cash, he still occasionally does contract work for Big Blue. He served as President of the DFW Writers' Workshop for two terms (2000 and 2001).  He reads for in-depth critique at every meeting.

Jimmy earned his Bachelor of Science in Education Degree from Henderson State University in spite of the efforts of several aged professors. He performed additional post-graduate studies at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. IBM graciously supplied him with an extensive business administration and management education, along with an opportunity to stand around sound stages for five years and watch gifted people work.

Jimmy acquired a love of golf in the early 1970s. He plays when the Texas heat isn't such that armadillos roll over and fry in their own juices. Fencing and shooting round out the sports he still actively pursues, but travel remains his fondest pastime, and he loves the French, whether they like him or not.

Jimmy married in 1966. His wife, Carol, actively supported his writing with advice, criticism, bookkeeping, budgeting, encouragement and tender loving  care, until her death in 2010.

Works as a writer. LAWDOG, Jimmy's first novel from Berkley Books debuted in November 2001 and has since been followed by numerous works. Magazine and short works include features for True West, New American Review and Western Writers of America's Roundup Magazine. Nonfiction works are titled TEXAS BAD GIRLS-HUSSIES, HARLOTS AND HORSE THIEVES and TEXAS BAD BOYS-GAMBLERS, GUNMEN AND GRIFTERS.



J. Lee Butts with
his Agent - Kim Lionetti

J. Lee Butts with
Red Shuttleworth at WWA conference.
Red with his SPUR Award for Poetry

J. Lee Butts with
Jack Ballas (l) and John S. McCord (r)
at Law Dog booksigning



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